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Little Humans with Big Dreams

We all started out as Little Humans with Big Dreams! Now as Adults, we are the ones who get to create the lives our younger selves dreamt of. We all still have our inner child riding along this wild ride we call Life. So we’ve taken on the adventure of creating and living those dreams to the fullest! To remind us of who we are and what we’re committed to we’ve added our “Little Human” pics  to our Team Page. We remember what it was like and we’re living proof of what's possible.

So why are we doing this? What’s the point of Little Humans Big Dreams? We believe children are the future. You know the saying “If I knew then, what I know now…” Well, we can’t go back into the past, but we can create our future NOW by giving back and paying it forward. Our experiences, skills, and life lessons we’ve discovered along the way, have shaped us and the creation of

Little Human Big Dreams.

The Team

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Philip Morrison


Philip Morrison is a Fitness Trainer and Coach and the founder of Primal Thinker Training and Coaching. He empowers people physically, mentally, and emotionally through physical fitness, meditation, and coaching.


Aneika is passionate about life and inspiring kids & adults to live authentic, fun, and powerful lives. She is an actress, entrepreneur, and mental health advocate. Aneika has starred in numerous national commercials, short films, and web series. She is also the founder of her own production company, Daily Butterfly - creating workshops, events, and content to empower and inspire people. 

Dara Jemmott
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Dr. Sabrina Bradbury-Segal


Brain & Body Integration Program

Dr. Sabrina Bradbury-Segal holds a Ph.D. in Neurobiology from the University of California, Irvine. She conducted clinical research for 12 years, focusing on stress, exercise, and memory. Her research has been featured in TIME, LA Times, and Men’s Health. She is the founder of the YouTube Series “Brain Myth Mondays” and “New in Neuroscience”. She also has a podcast called “Action Potential”. For over 16 years she has brought her love of learning to classrooms from elementary schools to colleges and shared her knowledge of the brain with people of all ages. She personally believes that there is self-empowerment in understanding the brain at the most fundamental level, and she is committed to teaching about it in ways that are exciting, fun, and simple to understand.

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Ed Malone

  Improv/Clown Instructor

Ed is an actor, clown, writer and teacher based in New York city. As an actor Ed has appeared on HBO, NBC, FX and several Off-Broadway productions most notably with the Irish Repertory Theatre and Theatre for a New Audience. Adult students of Ed’s clown class have appeared on Saturday NIght Live and a variety of shows on NBC, CBS and HBO to name a few. 

Aneika Fermin
Dara Jemmott

Improv/Comedy Instructor

Dara Jemmott is a Jersey girl, Brooklyn based comedian, host, voice over artist. After years of working in corporate America, a bad date pushed Dara to pursue stand-up, and she soon realized she could save thousands on therapy. Dara hosts and performs all around the country, and has even taken her talents to London and Barcelona. When not performing she is teaching stand-up and improv, to young kids and teens, to motivate them to find their own platforms of expression. Dara also co-hosts a podcast, Comedians for Hire, which was inspired by her personal journey of ditching the corporate cubicle for the crazy world of comedy.

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David Orsini

Martial Arts/Fitness Instructor

David is a NASM certified personal trainer with 26 years of martial arts experience.

He holds a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S.W in Clinical Social Work.

Peter Brown

  Basketball Coach/Fitness Instructor

Coach Peter Brown grew up in Emerson New Jersey where he attended Don Bosco Prep and played basketball all four years. He received a Division I scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.  Post college Peter became an assistant college coach at Virginia University of Lynchburg and he played professionally for the Lynchburg legends. He’s played abroad in Canada, Costa Rica, Mexico and most recently in El Salvador. He is currently the head freshman coach at Don Bosco Prep and  coaches AAU basketball as a basketball player developer.