Brain & Body Integration Program 

The Problem:

As adults most of us are oblivious to what is going on in both our brains and bodies, and how they integrate to impact the quality of our minds.

What we know for sure is that the quality of our minds directly impacts the quality of our lives. If this is the case for adults, then how much more is this the case for our young people?

The lack of understanding and education on how our brains and bodies integrate is causing greater disconnection and higher rates of depression and anxiety, which in turn has long term consequences into adulthood.

If we don’t do something now, this can and will have long lasting effects on young people’s ability to thrive, the confidence to overcome challenges, the ability to connect and communicate with their peers and social groups.

And in extreme cases result in self harm, premature death, and suicide.

The Solution:

The BBI program sheds light and provides an in-depth understanding between the brain, body, and mind. The techniques we teach help with managing stress, anxiety and depression allowing young people to operate at their highest potential. We foster an environment that encourages physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Through this innovative program young people will learn:



  • Cognitive restructuring and reframing through physical activity and improv

  • Creative thinking development

  • Breathing/Meditation techniques

  • Grounding exercises and tapping exercises to manage anxiety

  • Science-based physical & mental exercises that promote brain growth and memory enhancement

  • Tools to understand & manage stress systems to achieve optimal performance

  • Awareness about the brain reward system & how to prevent unhealthy addictive behaviors

  • Emotion identification & regulation exercises