What is improv?

How do we bring this life?

Creating a program teaching kids fun improv techniques and games that develop: 

Team Work

Team Work: Collaboration and coordination within a team to create a fun scene

Public Speaking 

Public Speaking: Trusting yourself and having confidence when speaking on stage or in large group settings. 

Self Expression

Self-expression: Freedom to be who you are and fully self-expressed

Self Expression

Self expression: Freedom to be who you are and fully

self- expressed. 


Communication: Listening, Speaking, & Nonverbal

Physical Responses

Check out a fun clip below: 

Why improv?

Because it’s fun and Awesome! Do we need any more reasons? We do?

No problem.


Improv gives children (and adults) the freedom and permission to simply BE who they are. There is no time for self-judgement & judgement of others.


Improv is an opportunity for kids to be fully self-expressed, silly, and playful! Allowing and teaching them to trust their instincts, themselves, and their peers, which builds self confidence, community through connection and reduces fear and social anxiety.  


Check out this Article  to see what psychologists & other health professionals have to say about the significant benefits of improv for kids & teens.